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The King of Green Golf Academy

“The gadgets have their place, but I don't incorporate a lot of them. I feel the way you hold the club, address the ball and swing is much more important. Get these things in place and your golf swing will become a natural, athletic movement,” ~ Jim King

The King of Green Golf Academy offers excellent instruction for improving your game, presented under the direction of our Director of Instruction Jim King, utilizing the V1 video teaching system and in conjunction with the famous Bayou/Bardmoor Golf School.

The King of Green Golf Academy is an all-encompassing golf school that offers everything from private lessons to Junior golf camps to daily schools. Jim offers daily camps that run Monday through Thursday all summer, for Bayou and Bardmoor members.

The King of Green Golf Academy incorporates top quality instruction in the most dynamic learning environments. Practice on groomed hitting areas, well-manicured putting greens and rolling bunkers for greenside and fairway sand training.

We have a private tee for instruction, as well as a practice bunker and the rest of our practice facilities so you can work on your game at your pace.

Jim's philosophy: Master the fundamentals.
Keep it simple and the game won't be overwhelming. That seems to be the successful approach to mastering the many facets of this grand game. Jim will work with you on the basics:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Ball position
  • Alignment
  • Posture

A vibrant Junior program is alive and well and flourishing under Jim's tutelage. Get your youngsters involved in this grand old game and they'll enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

Jim King's Weekly Clinic Schedule

Wednesdays: 4:30pm-5:30pm Junior Clinic
Saturdays: 9am-10am Adult Clinic, Noon-1pm Junior Clinic

Adult Clinics are $25 per session, Junior Clinics are $15 per Session
Open to the Public

To register for a Clinic or for more information on Golf Instruction,
please call Jim King at (727) 804-2684

Photo Jim King Logo - King of the Green Golf Academy

Photo Jim King PGA Director of Golf Instruction teaching a lesson